Endowment Plan

Plan Number - 333
To maintain the standard of living to which you and your family are accustomed, you need sufficient money. Therefore, it's better for you and your beloved family to be protected from financial burden of an uncertain future. Regular saving through the insurance can protect you and your family for safe future.
Under this plan the Sum Assured with vested bonuses is payable either on the date of maturity or on earlier death.
  • This is a with profit policy.
  • Mininum Sum Assured is 10,000 and no limit for maximum Sum Assured
  • The policy becomes paid up if at least two full Years premium is paid.
  • The policy can be surrendered after completion of two full Years with payment of all due premiums.
  • Loan is payable under the policy after two years to the extent of 90% of Surrender value.
  • If at least two full Years premium have been paid and if death occurs within next one year from first unpaid premium full sum assured is payable subject to rules and regulation.
  • Term Rider upto twice the basis S.A. for policies with age at entry & maturity between 18 Years and 60 Years is available to policy holder for adult. For Term Rider Sum Assured will not be more than Four lakhs.
  • Double accident benefit including permanent disability benefit is available from the age of 18 to 70 Years.