Jeevan Anand

Plan Number: 342  
This plan is a combination of endowment with profit plan and deferred whole life without profit plan. It provides the pre-decided SA along with vested bonuses at the end of the premium paying term, but the risk cover on the life continues till death of the Life Assured.
  • This is a with profit policy.
  • Min S.A. allowed is 100000 and Max. S.A. allowed is no limit.
  • Sum Assured along with the vested bonus, if any, are payable at the end of the Premum Paying Term; maturity value.
  • Sum Assured along with vested bonus are payable on death of the Life Assured during the Premum Paying Term.
  • An amount equal to the Sum Assured is payable on death after the Premium Paying Term, free insurance cover after maturity.
  • Double accident benefit including permanent disability benefit is available from the age of 18 to 70 Years.