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Jeevan Saral
Plan Number: 350
‘Jeevan Saral’ is a unique plan having features of the conventional plans and a lot of flexibilities. To the policyholder it provides higher life cover, a smooth return, liquidity etc.
Death Benefit
  • 250 times the monthly basic premium which will be referred to as the Death Benefit Sum Assured, plus

  • return of premiums paid, excluding the first year premium and extra / rider premiums, if any, plus
  • Loyalty additions, if any.
Maturity Benefit
  • Maturity sum assured, plus

  • Loyalty Additions, if any.
  • If a policy has been in force for full benefits (i.e. it is not in a paid-up condition) for 2 or more years, the risk cover under the main plan will continue for 12 months from the date of first unpaid premium if subsequent premiums are not paid. The cover, however, in such a case, will not continue under rider benefits. This benefit will be available even if one or more partial surrenders have been made. However, the benefit will be available to the extent of the in-force benefit only.
Participation in Profits
  • The policy will participate in profits by way of Loyalty Additions. Loyalty additions will be declared after the policy has been in full force for at least 10 years. Loyalty additions will also be payable if a death claim occurs in the 10th year of the policy provided that the policy is in full force




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