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Jeevan Shree
Plan Number: 353  
This is an Endowment plan in which premium paying term is less than policy term. It provides financial security against death throughout the term of plan with the payment of maturity amount on survival to the end of the policy term, provided the policy is in full force as on the date of claim
  • Policy Term 15
  • Premium Paying Term 5, 10, 15
  • Minimum Sum Assured 500000
  • Maximum Sum Assured No limit
  • Minimum Age at Entry 7 years (Last Birthday)
  • Maximum Age at Entry 50 years (Nearest Birthday)
  • Maturity Age 65 years
  • Mode of Payment of premium Yearly/ Half Yearly/Quarterly/ SSS
  • If Death is occurred during policy term , Sum Assured along with guaranteed additions and vested bonus , if any , is payable.
  • On survival to the end of policy term, Sum Assured with guaranteed additions and reversionary bonus, if any, is payable.
  • Guaranteed additions of Rs 65 per thousand SA for each completed year for first five years. Then policy participates in profit of the Company in the form of bonus.
  • Accident Benefit of maximum SA of 50 Lakhs is provided in this plan.
  • Term Rider will not be granted under this plan.
  • PWB will be granted for the life of child starting age from 7 yrs to 16 yrs.
  • Surrender and loan facility is availability.


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